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Welcome to Entecho

Pushing the boundaries of aeronautical innovation, Entecho Pty Ltd has designed, developed and proven a flight technology with the potential to revolutionise air transport and travel.

Entecho’s core flight technology allows compact Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) craft of various scale.  Entecho's first two VTOL platforms are the YouFly, a manned Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV) and the Mupod, a micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

Our product design, development and validation process uses techniques derived from the recreational vehicle industry that produce light, safe and economical vehicles. A mass-produced, low cost flying vehicle, with no need for runways or airport infrastructure, is of significant interest to several markets. These include Recreation, Defence, Aerospace and Emergency Rescue.  Future evolution of such a vehicle may ultimately lead to the flying car.

Entecho’s team of bright, creative individuals are planning and executing a rapid prototype development program which should deliver some exciting news in mid 2013.


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